Launch a Remote Session

Select an application and submit an interactive job to start the application in a remote session.

The remote sessions are open when you submit an interactive job. The default session time-out duration for a remote session is set to two hours.

To change the default session time-out, refer to Change the Remote Sessions Timeout for Interactive Application topic in Access Web 2021.1.2 Administrator’s Guide.

  1. Double-click the Access Desktop icon in the Windows system tray.
  2. Click New Job on the top right corner.
    A list of solvers, interactive applications, and saved profiles are displayed.
  3. Choose an interactive application or a saved profile from the list by double-clicking it.
    A job submission form is displayed.
    Figure 1. Interactive Job Submission Form
  4. Fill in all the required arguments that are marked as mandatory.
    • Version—Refers to the application version.
    • Application Geometry—Is the screen resolution of the remote session that is connected.
  5. Enable or disable the following options.
    • Copy back files—To copy the job output files to your system after the job is completed.
    • Run from job directory—The input file is copied to the execution node and after the job is completed, the updated input file is copied back to the job directory.
    Note: By default, these options are enabled or disabled based on the Application Definitions.
  6. Select the application input file to be opened using remote session.
  7. To reuse the values you entered, click Save as Profile. The next time you choose Process With from the context menu, the saved profile is displayed.
  8. Click Submit.
    The job is submitted and the remote session is launched.
    Figure 2. Remote Job Session
  9. Click icon on the top left to optimize performance of the remote session.
    Figure 3. Optimize Performance