About Access Desktop

Use to submit jobs to a Workload Manager.

Altair Access Desktop provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, or other resources. Engineers and researchers can now focus on core activities and spend less time learning how to run applications or moving data around. The Access Desktop remote visualization and collaboration capabilities bring access to an expensive, highend 3D visualization datacenter hardware right to the user. Access Desktop provides an ability to visualize the results by extracting plot and animation data. You can view plots for running jobs as well as for jobs which have been successfully completed. You can download and analyze animations using the Altair HyperView Player.


  • Novice to Expert: simple and powerful
  • Same UX: desktop and web
  • Secure: protected access to HPC resources
  • End-to-end: submit, monitor progress, steer, fix, and rerun jobs
  • Save time: Simplify job submission and management thanks to a powerful GUI with smart, simplified interfaces
  • Be more productive: Spend more time focused on work and not IT tasks - for example, monitor jobs graphically without having to download huge job files
  • Increase ROI: Consolidate access to applications and optimize license availability
  • Reduce errors and improve consistency: Embed your company's best-practice "know how" directly into Application Definitions used for job submission.
  • Launch remote session by submitting an interactive job and manage open sessions.