Feko 2017.2.5 Release Notes

Feko 2017.2.5 is a bug-fix update that includes the enhancements and bug fixes documented below.

Note: Feko 2017.2.5 is a cumulative update that contains changes from previous updates. It should be applied to an existing installation of Feko 2017 (that may or may not have been updated previously).


Resolved Issues

  • The part labels for sheet bodies imported from STP file now use the face names instead of "NONE". (2017.2.5)
  • The setting to calculate far fields for an array of elements did not persist for monostatic RCS calculations. The setting would be reverted each time the far field request dialog was opened. This problem is now resolved. (2017.2.5)
  • CADFEKO issues an error when running OPTFEKO if any of the request labels used in an optimisation goal starts with a number. The .opt file is no longer created if the labels are problematic. Labels starting with a number would cause the simulation to terminate with "ERROR 21027: Error in expression" during optimisation goal calculation. (2017.2.5)



  • The FM card (fast method settings) layout is simplified for the near field and far field calculation method settings. Two check boxes replace the old radio button options. The fast near field and fast far field calculation methods are simply enabled or disabled using the check boxes. (2017.2.5)


Resolved Issues

  • The memory consumption for opening and closing huge sessions containing many graphs, views and results is reduced significantly. This avoids a crash of the application due to insufficient memory. (2017.2.5)
  • A crash is resolved that could happen when exporting a stored S-parameter DataSet from POSTFEKO. (2017.2.5)
  • Improvements to the way annotations are added to 2D graphs make it easier for annotations to be snapped to a trace. (2017.2.5)

Support Components


  • A problem with HyperWorks licensing is resolved that could have resulted in a crash when insufficient licences were available to complete the licence checkout when using the solver node licensing scheme. (2017.2.5)