Feko 2017.2.3 Release Notes

Feko 2017.2.3 is a bug-fix update that includes the enhancements and bug fixes documented below.

Note: Feko 2017.2.3 is a cumulative update that contains changes from previous updates. It should be applied to an existing installation of Feko 2017 (that may or may not have been updated previously).


Resolved Issue

  • An assertion failed with "getMeshElementDescriptors().count() == 1" when saving a model containing a suspect port connected to a general network or transmission line. The .pre file will now contain the error message "The mesh instance of port '[port label]' is suspect". (2017.2.3)


Resolved Issues

  • The linear system solution numerical libraries are reverted back to the previous version due to floating point exceptions encountered on some hardware platforms. (2017.2.3)
  • The first frequency impedance was incorrectly calculated for a multi-configuration problem run in parallel. (2017.2.3)
  • S-parameters were calculated incorrectly when adding reference impedances to existing loads at microstrip ports. (2017.2.3)
  • A division by zero error is avoided when requesting the scattered far field only for models that consist of sources only. (2017.2.3)
  • The performance of the initialisation phase for the windscreen solution method is improved. (2017.2.3)
  • Floating point exceptions that could have been raised on Linux systems using newer versions of glibc are resolved. (2017.2.3)