Feko 2017.2.1 Release Notes

Feko 2017.2.1 is a bug-fix update that includes the enhancements and bug fixes documented below.

Note: Feko 2017.2.1 is a cumulative update that contains changes from previous updates. It should be applied to an existing installation of Feko 2017 (that may or may not have been updated previously).



  • Memory usage is reduced for shared memory runs when Intel MPI is used. (2017.2.1)
  • Improved algorithms are used for geometry processing prior to calculation. (2017.2.1)
  • Memory consumption of the model geometry check process for CFIE problems is reduced and runtime is improved. (2017.2.1)

Resolved Issues

  • Error 34357 was incorrectly issued for PBC examples that have metallic triangles the background medium connected to dielectric triangles. (2017.2.1)
  • A bug is fixed that caused a floating point internal error while calculating far fields on certain Intel platforms. (2017.2.1)
  • Several memory leaks for FDTD problems are fixed. (2017.2.1)
  • Impedance calculations were incorrect for FDTD ports that consist of multiple sections with some sections consisting of only one voxel. (2017.2.1)
  • An internal floating point error that occur during the fast far field calculation is fixed. (2017.2.1)
  • An error regarding an incorrectly meshed curvilinear triangle was not issued on Linux systems. (2017.2.1)
  • An incorrect S-parameter transmission coefficient was calculated for higher order waveguide ports if the higher order mode excitation was defined as a receive port only. (2017.2.1)
  • Runtime reporting is improved when exporting rays in parallel for RL-GO. (2017.2.1)
  • An internal error state occurred for large element physical optics problems if the solution was read from .str file. (2017.2.1)