Sort the List View

Sort the list view in the Files, Jobs, Input, Output, and Running Folder tabs.

Clicking on a column heading switches the sorting of the list view results by that column from ascending order to descending order.

Once you have selected a column heading for sorting, a triangle will appear next to the column heading. An up arrow indicates that the list is sorted in ascending order. A down arrow indicates results are sorted in descending order.

Tip: Sorting the list view is applicable in Files, Jobs, Input, Output, and Running Folder tab.

In this example, we will sort the Job Monitoring list view.

  1. Click the Jobs tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    The job monitoring page is displayed with the list of the jobs that is submitted to a cluster.
  2. Click the Application column heading to sort the list by job application.

    Figure 1. Job Listing Panel
    The job listing will be sorted by job application in ascending order.

    Figure 2. Job Listing Sorted in Ascending Order
  3. Clicking the Application column heading again will sort the list in descending order.

    Figure 3. Job Listing Sorted in Descending Order