Fillet Edges

Round edges to create fillets with a constant radius.

Fillets with a constant radius are supported, but not fillets with variable radii.
  1. On the Geometry tab, in the Modify group, in the Fillets tool group, click the Fillet Edges tool.

  2. Select edges to fillet.
    • To select an edge, click the edge.
    • To select multiple edges, use box selection or press Ctrl while clicking the edges.
    • To select all of the boundary edges of a face, click the face.
  3. Enter a radius.

    If the radius you entered is invalid, the text box is highlighted in red.

    Note: The radius you enter will be automatically applied to all selected features.
  4. Create the fillet(s).
    • Fillet individual edges by clicking a selected edge.
    • Fillet all selected edges by clicking Fillet All.
    Features are automatically retained and notches are preserved on sheets.

    Figure 1. Creating a Fillet
  • By default, clicking an edge will also select all of its tangent edges. Deselect Tangent Propagation in the microdialog to disable this behavior.
  • If the fillet radius text box is highlighted red due to an invalid edge selection, press Ctrl+Z to undo or press Ctrl while clicking to deselect the edge. The previously valid selection will reappear.
  • Change the default fillet radius in the Preferences.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls

To Do this
Select features Click
Append/remove feature selection Ctrl+click
Delete selected feature Delete+click
Delete selected filleted/chamfered face Delete
Exit tool Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.