Navigation in 3D View

The 3D view can be controlled using the operational controls (buttons) within the 3D view window as well as with the mouse.

Click Total View (top-right corner of the 3D view) to reset the view perspective to the initial state (zoom to extents). The current view perspective is stored by clicking the Store button (top-right corner of the 3D view).

To recall a stored view perspective, select the stored view from the drop-down list. Delete a previously stored, view perspective by clicking Delete. All stored view perspectives are written to file after closing the 3D view or the current document. This file is stored in the result folder of the corresponding document and is automatically reloaded when the 3D view is activated.

Navigation in 3D View

Result data can be shifted, rotated and zoomed in 3D view by using the mouse. The following figures show the available operations:

Table 1.  Available operations in the 3D view.


Move the mouse while pressing the left mouse button to shift the view in a certain direction.


Move the mouse while pressing the right mouse button to rotate the view.


Scroll the mouse wheel up/down to zoom in/out.