Wave Propagation

Perform wave propagation for point-to-point or area predictions.

After the configuration of the wireless network is completed, wave propagation simulations can be computed either for all nodes of the network or only for selected nodes. A wave propagation computation can be started by selecting Computation > Compute All > Wave Propagation or Computation > Compute Selected > Wave Propagation from the Computation menu or by clicking the corresponding button of the Project toolbar. Computations for a selected node can be started also from the context menu, which can be opened from the context menu.

There are two different computation modes available:
  1. Point-to-Point Prediction
    Point-to-point predictions for node locations are required to do connectivity analysis between the nodes of the network, i.e. without this result it is not possible to do connectivity predictions.
    Note: Results of point-to-point prediction can not be displayed in CoMan and are therefore not selectable in the File Browser.
  2. Area prediction

    Wave propagation predictions can be done for horizontal prediction planes as well. The area to be predicted, the resolution of the results as well as the height(s) of the prediction planes can be defined on the Prediction tab of the System Configuration dialog. The results which have been selected to be computed and stored to the disk can be displayed in 2D view and 3D view using the File Browser.

These two prediction modes can be selected on the Prediction tab of the System Configuration dialog. Propagation results which have been computed will be saved in the propagation sub folder within the specified result folder.

Figure 1. Example of wave propagation results.