Create a Distant Light or a Sun

Distant light and sunlight are similar. You can change the intensity and size of a distant light, whereas sunlight is calculated based on the position of the sun. Both emit light from so far away that when the rays arrive at the object, they are parallel. As the result, surfaces with the same orientation receive the same quantity of light regardless of their distance from the light source.

Figure 1. Example of Sunlight with an ISO of 200
Turn on the Materials display mode, so you can see the changes as they are applied.
  1. On the ribbon, click the Rendering tab.
  2. Click the Environment icon.

  3. In the Control Panel, click the Env. Lights tab.
    A dome is created around your scene.
  4. Edit the dome:
    To Do this Note
    Reposition the dome Drag the Dome Center.  
    Resize the dome Drag the Dome Size. To automatically fit the dome around your scene, in the Control Panel, click Fit.
    Adjust the transparency of the dome In the Control Panel, enter a Transparency %.  
  5. Add one or more environment lights:
    • To add a distant light, hold down Alt while clicking.
    • To add a sun, hold down Alt while clicking, and then select Sun.
      Note: Only one sun can be created.
    An environment light is created where you clicked.
  6. Edit an environment light:
    1. Click the light.
    2. Choose from:
      To Do this Note
      Change the color Click and select a Color. Only applies to distant lights. The sun's properties are automatically configured, so you cannot edit its color, intensity, or size.
      Change the intensity Type an Intensity.
      Change the size of the distant light relative to the sun Type a Size. For example, if you'd like the distant light to be double the size of the sun, enter 2.
      Position the light's target Click Place by Illumination, and then click the area you'd like illuminated.  
      Position the light's reflections Click Place by Reflection, and then click the area where you'd like the light to be reflected.  
  7. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.