Trim the binder and add a round to finalize the draw die.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Die Design tab.
  2. Click the Die icon.

  3. Click the Die subtool.

  4. Select a binder.
    To reselect a binder, in the guide bar, select Clear Selection , and then select a different binder.
    To confirm your selection, right-click.
  5. Select a fillet method:
    Method Description
    Edge Fillet Create a fillet using the Round tool from Inspire Studio.

    Do one of the following:

    • To define the same radius for all fillets, click a fillet and enter a Radius.
    • To define variable fillets, press Alt and click a blue dot to add a fillet location. You can then drag one of the arrows or enter a Radius.
    Loft Fillet Create a fillet using the Loft tool from Inspire Studio.
    1. Adjust the fillet approximation. Enter a value between 0 and 1, where 0 is a chamfer and 1 is a fillet with a small radius.
    2. Click the fillet to modify the Width and Angle.
  6. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
Next, create a matching die.