Using an Online Code Editor

If you don't want to install a code editor and/or Python, you can access Jupyter online and choose to try Classic Notebook.

Figure 1. Classic Notebook
  1. From the Juptyer home page, click Try Classic Notebook.
    The Welcome to Jupyter page opens.

    Figure 2. Jupyter Welcome Page
  2. Download the files in computer_jupyter_version.
    A new window will open in a new tab.

    Figure 3. Download Files
  3. Click Upload, select the three files from your computer's location, and click Open.

    Figure 4. Select Files
  4. Click Upload for each file.

    Figure 5. Upload Files
  5. Click on the Connect Your First Device file.
    The guide opens in a new tab. You are now ready to start the training.

    Figure 6. Training Guide
Similarly, you can choose to use Google Colab and upload the training.

Figure 7. Google Colab