Create a Dashboard to View the Data

You can use a global template as shown below for both HTTP, similarly, follow the same steps for MQTT.

With this solution you can see the Data how you want, where you want, and fast enough to act quickly.

This tool is powered by Altair Panopticon and supports a wide range of information visualizations, including our well-known Treemaps, Heat Maps, Scatter Plots, Horizon Graphs, and a wide range of other great visualizations designed for fast comprehension and easy interpretation of static, time series, real-time streaming, and historic data sets.

  1. From the left menu, click Real Time Visualization > Workbooks.
  2. Select the desired folder.
  3. Click New Workbook.

  4. Name the Workbook and click Create.
  5. Select the data you want to use in a Panopticon workbook by clicking the plus icon. You can create a data table from a template or add a new data table by clicking Add icon on the Data Table panel of the Open Workbook layout.

    Figure 1.
  6. If you select to use a pre existing template, complete the Parameters section, and click to see the data preview. Remember to click Save before returning to the Visualization panel.

    Figure 2.
  7. The detailed steps from creating a data table to build a real time visualization dashboard are available at Panopticon Designer documentation here.