Altair® Monarch® Server


OleDb Info Screen

The OleDb Info screen is part of the Export Wizard, and displays when you select OleDB provider from Table View. Use this screen to specify the OLE DB or ODBC data source you want to connect to.

The OleDB Info screen includes the following settings:

  • Displays a description of what the current export will do.

  • Connection String:  

    • Enter the connection string manually, or

    • click the Browse for ...  button and select Data Link Wizard to open Data Link Wizard window. For more information see Connection Type Wizard, or

    • click the Browse for ...  button and select  Connection Definitions to open Connection Definitions window and select from existing connection definitions. For more information, see Connection Definitions

After you made your choice the Connection string field displays the connection string for the data you want to connect to.

  • Select Include Password check box if your connection requires password. For security reasons, the password is displayed here.

Note: Passwords are saved in an encrypted format using 1024-bit encryption strength.

    • Test Connection: Tests whether or not the data link was successful (i.e., to test whether you can connect to the specified OLE DB or ODBC provider). If the connection is successful, a Test Connection Succeeded message is displayed.

  • Back: Displays the Table View or Summary View screen.

  • Next: Displays the Table Info screen.

  • Cancel: Cancels the export operation and closes the Export Wizard.