Altair® Monarch® Server


Table Info Screen

The Table Info screen is part of the Export Wizard. When configuring an export, use this screen to specify the table to which you want to export data, and to select a When output tables exist option, which tells Automator how to handle an already existing table of the same name.

The Table Info screen displays when you click the Next button on either the Output File/Folder screen or the OleDb Info screen when exporting to a database table (xls or mdb).

The Table Info screen includes the following settings:

  • Description: Displays information about the export, such as whether filters are applied to the table or summary data, the filename and path of the output file, etc.

  • Table Name: Displays the current name of the table. You can assign a new table name by entering it here.

  • Existing Tables: Displays the names of the tables in that file when exporting to a file that already exists.

  • When output tables exist options:

    • Overwrite existing table: Overwrites the data in the existing table with the data in the export table.

    • Append data to existing table: Adds the export table data to the end of the selected existing table.

    • Update existing rows (OLE DB direct exports of table data only): Updates existing rows in a table.

    • Update existing rows and append new (OLE DB direct exports of table data only): Updates existing rows in a table and append new rows to it.

    • Skip (no output): Skips the export operation if a table of the same name already exists. This is useful for automated operations, where you may not want to overwrite a table that already exists.

Note: Some of these options apply only to OLE DB direct exports. In addition, if you are performing a file system output, some of these options are only accessible if you selected the Add data to file option on the File Info screen.

  • When update match not found: Select the Export to delimited text file check box to export the unmatched record(s) to a delimited text file when updating existing rows in a table, if a matching row is not found in the destination table. The path of this file will be written to the job log under an Exceptions heading (below the Outputs section).

  • Back: Displays the File Info screen or the OleDb Info screen.

  • Next: Displays the Column Info screen, if you selected an existing table to export to under the Existing Tables heading (see above).

  • Finish: Saves the current export settings and closes the Export Wizard, if you are exporting to a new table.

  • Cancel: Cancels the export operation and closes the Export Wizard.