Altair® Monarch® Server



Welcome to Monarch Server (MS), Altair Engineering, Inc.'s latest Reporting solution.

Monarch Server is the smart business intelligence software that gives you the power to keep the data and lose the paper. That's because Monarch Server's powerful report mining technology can unlock data buried in reports and documents and turn it into data that you can use now.

Monarch Server comprises three modules, namely, Automator, Content Server, and RMS. This guide provides a comprehensive look at the following:

  • Content Server

Content Server is a reliable platform for report and document content management. In Content Server, reports and documents are "read-in" to a storage system and then indexed. These stored reports and documents can be easily retrieved using Content Server's powerful query system and subsequently transformed into data views and Excel spreadsheets. The filing, storage, and retrieval of reports and documents are made easy in Content Server.

  • Report Mining Server

Report Mining Server is a powerful tool that allows you to extract data from structured documents or reports. Altair has further developed Monarch Server Report Mining Edition with the ability to provide the extracted data in various analytical and presentation formats for delivery over the Web. Monarch Server Report Mining Edition employs innovative technology that allows any PC or laptop connected to the Internet, or to a corporate intranet, to access reports stored in other systems. All of these capabilities make Monarch Server Report Mining Edition truly unique.


The topics in this section provide basic information about the following:


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