Altair® Monarch® Server


Table View Screen

The Table View screen is part of the Export Wizard. When configuring a table export, use this screen to select a filter and/or sort order to be applied to the table data. This screen is displayed when you click the Next button on the General screen of the Export wizard.

Dialog box options:

  • Description: Displays a description of the current export (e.g., "Export the table data").

  • Filtering: Select the filter you want to apply to the table or summary or select the "All filters" option to apply all of the available filters or the "No filter" option to apply none of them. If you choose the All filters option, you also need to specify an Automatic Naming option:

    • By files produces a file for each filter (this is the default)

    • By tables produces a table for each filter

  • Sorting: To apply a sort order to the data you are exporting, select the desired sort order from the drop-down list.

  • Output using: Select how the output will be produced:

    • File System

    • Oledb provider

  • Back: Displays the General screen of the Export Wizard.

  • Next: Displays the Output File screen (the Output Folder screen when exporting all filters and an Automatic Naming setting of "by files" is selected) or the OleDb Info screen (if OleDb provider is selected).

  • Cancel: Cancels any changes you have made and closes the Export Wizard.


To view the Export Wizard workflow, go to Specifying Project Export Settings.