Altair® Monarch®


The Transform Pane

Transform allows you manipulate your columns to come up with a different way of viewing your data.


From this dialog, you can define:




Arranges the rows of a specific column in ascending or descending order.

Pivot Columns

Transform column values into column headers, in effect transforming data from a tall/skinny format to a short/wide one.

Unpivot Columns

Transform column headers into column values, in effect transforming data from a short/wide format to a tall/skinny one.


Transforms a table so you may view each row on a vertical instead of horizontal axis


Organizes your table so that all rows that have a common field value are brought together to provide a meaningful summary of your data.


Removes or shows duplicate rows in the table.

Extract Rows

Deletes or shows all rows that do not contain any data.


Note that while data preparation operations are reversed/deleted using the Change History panel, table transformations are reversed/discarded by clicking on the drop-down arrow located to the right of the transformed table and then selecting Discard Transform from the options that display.



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