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Other Monarch Classic Features

Exclusion templates

When trapping lines in a report with a large number of pages, one may pick up data that are either unnecessary or unwanted. To address this issue, Monarch Classic now features exclusion templates. As their name suggests, exclusion templates are meant to rule out certain lines or portions of lines from being trapped when a detail, append, header, or footer template is created.

More information about exclusion traps may be found here.

LocalDB caching improvements

New caching options have been made available in this release of Monarch Classic.

The benefits of this improvement include:

  • Fine-grained control of cache databases and cache instance to accommodate environments where disk space is limited or aggressive Citrix/TS/RDS/GPO/Roaming configs

  • Ability to configure SQL Express more easily

  • More efficient reuse of cache databases

More information about these options may be found here.  

New column sizing functions

New column sizing functions have been enabled in Table view to expand the number of ways you can improve your experience working with Monarch Classic. To gain access to these functions, in Table view, right-click on a column you want to resize and, from the options that display, select Column Widths. You can resize columns according to the width of the widest column label, the width of the widest data value, or the width of a specific input field.

Explicit pipe-delimited export and import options

Input files using the pipe delimiter may now be opened in Monarch Classic and Monarch Data Prep Studio. Tables may also be exported to delimited text files (.csv) where the pipe is used as a delimiter.

New Transform capability

Monarch Data Prep Studio features a new Transform button in the ribbon that allows users to quickly Group (By), Pivot, UnPivot, and Remove Empty Rows from table data.

Table Pinning capability

Workspaces containing tables pinned in the Prep Data tab allow data sharing with other users who do not have access to the source systems employed to create these tables.

Process Repeatability

Added ability to edit file paths which allows reuse of templates. Data sources dragged into Prep Data are automatically added to Add  Data and re-used through recent providers.

Report Verify improvements

In the current version of Monarch Classic, the Verify function begins immediately. This means all fields are verified immediately as soon as the Run Report Verify button is clicked, and results are displayed in the Report Verify window. As well, a new "Adjust All Fields" option is provided in the Report Verify window to ensure that all fields are properly defined without users needing to review each of the pages of a report.

Altair Server Library and Amazon S3 Support

Monarch Classic 13 allows data access and saving of projects and models to Altair Server libraries and Amazon S3. This setting is enabled in the Options interface.

More information on Altair Server Library or Amazon S3 support can be found here.

Logging for Monarch Data Prep Studio

Logging for Monarch Data Prep Studio has been enabled. Details of this functionality may be found in the Advanced tab of the Settings dialog in Monarch Data Prep Studio.

Support for regex traps and functions

The .NET regular expression (regex) engine has been incorporated into Monarch Classic to allow experienced users to build traps composed of regular expressions. These traps are relatively more flexible than standard traps and highly tolerant of variations in field position with respect to a location on the page or another field.  

To learn more about creating a regex trap, click here.

Altair ODBC Drivers

The Altair ODBC Drivers allow access to a wider range of database types, including Cloudera Impala, Hadoop Hive, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, and IBM Cloudant, among others. Once the appropriate drivers for these databases have been set up, they can be applied any number of times to a Monarch Classic session thereafter.

More information on the Altair ODBC Drivers can be found here.

Faster exports to Altair Designer

In Monarch Classic 13, exporting your table and summary data into both a Designer data source and a project file is as simple as selecting the Altair Designer button on the Table and Summary View ribbons. Altair Designer is launched and your data are added to a Designer data source. This step requires that you install Designer on your workstation prior to exporting data.

Monarch Classic versus Monarch Complete

Licenses for Monarch Classic 15 Classic and Monarch Complete 15 are available. How do these versions differ? Monarch Classic includes the full range of functionalities found in previous versions of Monarch Classic. Monarch Complete includes all of the functionalities offered in Monarch Classic plus access to a wide variety of database types through the Altair Data Connectors, access to Monarch Data Prep Studio, an add-on solution that addresses most data-preparation needs, and the ability to export data to the Tableau data extract (.tde) and QlikView QVX (.qvx) formats. As well, the Auto Define button in Report view is only functional if your license is for Monarch Complete.

If you wish to take advantage of the new functionalities of Monarch Complete and your Monarch Complete license is for Monarch Classic, contact the Altair Sales team at

Note that unless otherwise specifically stated, topics described in this learning guide are applicable to both Monarch Classic and Monarch Complete.

Monarch Data Prep Studio

Monarch Data Prep Studio is a Monarch Complete add-on intended to provide users with rapid data preparation (data prep) capabilities. Intended for use as a quick data prep solution, Monarch Data Prep Studio offers a subset of Monarch Complete’s features, including:

  • Drag and drop parsing and extraction

  • Report discovery and data combination

  • Real-time data preparation

  • Limited export capability

More information on Monarch Data Prep Studio can be found here.