Rotate the View

Rotate the view using the mouse and view controls.

Tip: To save and recall a custom view, click in the view controls.

Rotate with the Mouse

Rotate the view using turntable rotation or trackball rotation by using the mouse.

By default, the center of rotation is determined by your cursor position when you rotate the model. When your cursor is not on the model, the center of rotation defaults to the center of the model or to a point on the model that is closest to your cursor. Set the center of rotation by pressing C and clicking a point on the model.

To rotate using Do this Note
Turntable rotation Shift + drag with the right mouse button. Turntable rotation restricts the rotation to the x-y plane, which is useful if your model's vertical direction is aligned with the z-axis.
Trackball rotation Drag with the middle mouse button. Trackball rotation allows the model to tumble freely in any direction.
Tip: You can change the mouse controls to match that of a different application in the Preferences.

Rotate with the View Rotator

Rotate the view in discrete increments by using the View Rotator in the view controls.

  1. To access the View Rotator, move the mouse cursor over the colored axes in the view controls.

  2. Choose from the following options:
    To Do this
    Rotate in the top, bottom, right, or left direction Left-click the corresponding arrowhead.
    Rotate clockwise Left-click the right side of the ring.
    Rotate counterclockwise Left-click the left side of the ring.
    • To rotate in the opposite direction, right-click instead of left-clicking.
    • To rotate continuously, click and hold instead of just clicking.