Show, Hide, and Isolate

Show, hide, and isolate objects in the modeling window using keyboard shortcuts.

To Do this Note
Show/hide selected objects Press H. You can also show or hide objects by:
  • Clicking their icons in the Model Browser.
  • Using the show and hide options in the right-click (context) menu.
  • Activating the Show/Hide tool in the view controls.
  • Using the View menu.
Isolate selected objects Press I. Isolating an object zooms in and temporarily hides all other objects.
Show all/hide all objects Press A.  
Reverse the selection Press R.  
Turn selected parts transparent Press Ctrl.  

Show/Hide Mode

Use the Show/Hide tool located in the view controls to change the visibility of objects.

  1. In the view controls, click the Show/Hide tool.
  2. Choose from the following options:
    To Do this
    Hide Click the object.
    Show Hold down Shift while clicking the object.
    Hide all Double-click empty space.
    Show all Hold down Shift while double-clicking empty space.
    • The mouse cursor indicates whether the object you click will be shown or hidden .
  3. Right-click to exit the tool.
Objects that are hidden don't appear in the modeling window but are still included in all calculations such as optimization, static weight calculations, mass computations, etc. To exclude an object from these calculations, you must deactivate it using the Model Configuration toolbar on the Model Browser.