Sketch Toolbar

You can transfer sketches to a new part, convert reference lines to a sketch, create and move sketch planes, and modify grid settings.

When in sketch mode or sketch editing mode, a sketch toolbar appears.
Sketching Tool Description Note
New Part

Create a new part before you start sketching. Any existing sketch curves will be imprinted onto the current part before the new one is created.
Transfer Sketch

Move your current sketch to a new part.  
Convert Lines

Convert reference lines to sketch curves.  
New Plane

Create a new sketch plane by clicking a face. Instead of clicking a face, you can select a plane on the sketch plane selector.

Move Plane

Move the sketch plane. This opens a version of the Move tool.

Modify your grid and snap settings. Grid # spacing: Change the default spacing for a grid. There are five progressive levels of grid spacing.

Snaps every # fine grids: Use to adjust snapping behavior for minor grid lines.

Snap to grid: Deselect to disable grid snapping entirely. Press Alt to temporarily disable snapping.

View normal to plane on create: Automatically rotate your view when a sketch plane is created, so that the sketch plane is normal to the view.