Problem 5: Dynamic Analysis of Linkages in a Mechanism


For the mechanism shown in the image below, the input gear 2 is rotating with a constant angular velocity of 10 rad/s counter clock wise. The objective is to determine the angular velocity of gear 3 and link 4, when the angular velocity of link 5 is zero.

Figure 1.

Entities Validated

  • Rigid body
  • Gear joint

Type of Analysis

  • Dynamic


THEORY OF MACHINES AND MECHANISMS, Third Edition by John J. Dicker, Jr., Gordon R. Pennock, Joseph E. Shigley:110

Model Files

gear_joint_mechanism.mdl - MotionView Model

gear_joint_mechanism.xml - MotionSolve Deck

Graphical Results

Figure 2.

Result Comparison

Output Analytical MotionSolve % Error
Angular velocity of gear 3 (rad/s) -13.33 -13.33 0%
Angular velocity of link 4 (rad/s) 2.22 2.22 0%


MotionSolve results compare well with analytical results.