Problem 3: Static Analysis of a Beam


For the beam and loading shown below, the objective is to find the reaction forces at B and D.

Figure 1.

Entities Validated

  • Rigid body
  • Revolute joint
  • Inplane joint
  • Force vector one body

Type of Analysis

  • Static


Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics | Dynamics, Twelfth Edition by Beer, Johnston, Mazurek, Cornwell, Self: 383

Model Files

beam_reaction_force.mdl - MotionView Model

beam_reaction_force.xml - MotionSolve Deck

Graphical Results

Figure 2.

Result Comparison

Output Analytical MotionSolve % Error
Reaction force at B 46 46 0%
Reaction force at D 14 14 0%


MotionSolve results compare well with analytical results.