The TX function computes the X-component of the resultant torque acting at marker I (obtained by vector summation), due to all applied torques and constraints that act between marker I and marker J, as resolved in the coordinate system of marker K.


TX(I, J, K)


If the J marker is not specified, then TX computes the X-component of all the resultant torques at marker I.


The marker at which the resultant torque is to be computed. Must be specified.
The second marker such that all torques between markers I and J are to be summed up at the marker I location. This argument is optional.
The resultant torque vector is resolved in the coordinate system of the K marker. This argument is optional. If omitted, it defaults to the ground coordinate system. To specify a K marker without specifying a J marker, set the J marker to zero.


     comment          = "bush-frc"
     id               = "70000045"
     type             = "EXPRESSION"
     expr1            = "NULL"
     expr2            = "FX(30301010,30301011,30301011)"
     expr3            = "FY(30301010,30301011,30301011)"
     expr4            = "FZ(30301010,30301011,30301011)"
     expr5            = "NULL"
     expr6            = "TX(30301010,30301011,30301011)"
     expr7            = "TY(30301010,30301011,30301011)"
     expr8            = "TZ(30301010,30301011,30301011)"