Starter Subroutine USERWIS_INI

This subroutine reads input data and prepares the Radioss buffers for allocation.


The argument list of USERWIS and its individual arguments and descriptions are:
     .           IIN     ,IOUT    ,IUPARAM  ,NUMNOD  ,ITAB    ,
     .           X       ,V       ,VR       ,MASS    ,INER    ,
     .           NUVAR   ,NUVARI  )


Argument Format Description
IIN Integer read only scalar Input file unit (Starter input file) on which the data are read.
IOUT Integer read only scalar Output file unit (Starter output file).
IUPARAM(*) Integer array Parameters to be transferred to Radioss.
NUMNOD Integer scale Number of nodes (defined by /NODE option).
ITAB(NUMNOD) Integer array An array of size NUMNOD. This defines the node ID versus Radioss internal node number.
X(3,NUMNOD) Float array Nodal coordinates.
V(3,NUMNOD) Float array Nodal initial velocities.
VR(3,NUMNOD) Float array Nodal initial rotational velocities.
MASS(NUMNOD) Float array Nodal mass.
INER(NUMNOD) Float array Nodal spherical inertia.
NUVAR Integer scalar Size of global user’s float array. Memory size available for float.
NUVARI Integer scale Size of global user’s integer array. Memory size available for integer.