Solver Result Verification and Validation - Radioss and OptiStruct

For Radioss and OptiStruct, run the solver deck with the solver Check Run option to ensure model integrity and accuracy of data.

Solver Check Run

OUT file comparison involves comparing different blocks of OUT files. They can be compared across versions, or simple OUT file comparison or reference OUT file comparison can be performed (starter OUT files). OUT files map to OptiStruct and starter OUT files to Radioss.

Identify Model Quality for Solver Run

Figure 1.

Solver Job Run

You can submit your solver job and view the status. OUT file comparison is similar to Check Run with additional analysis result blocks. OUT file for OptiStruct, starter and engine OUT files for Radioss.

Check the Job Status

Solver Result Comparison Across Solver Versions

Results of the complete model compared for all (or any) subcase/simulation/datatype solver can be run at any time or results can be directly compared. Comparisons include across all scalar, tensor, and vector results, and for all nodal and elemental results. Results are compared based on a global tolerance or user defined data type level tolerance for pass or fail criteria.

Direct interface with HyperView to perform interactive verification and validation using new APIs for each data type component across time steps and subcases allows for:
  • Visualizing the differences in HyperView Player, differences in the contour, seeing the difference curve, and direct loading of difference contours in HyperView for further investigation of iso surfaces, for example.

Figure 2.
The images below illustrating comparing results across solver versions.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.