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HyperXtrude Files

HyperXtrude Files

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HyperXtrude Files

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HyperXtrude input data is given in two or more separate files. Typically there are only two files: a command file and a grid file.  The command file is written in TCL language and has custom commands specifically designed for HyperXtrude. This file is used to control the execution of the solver, such as loading the model data, setting process parameters, issuing solve commands, etc.  The grid file is a simple ASCII file with model data such as mesh, material data, boundary conditions and other problem specific data.

The gridfile and command file are created using the HyperXtrude interface. HyperXtrude reads the data from these two files, *.grf and *.tcl, and stores the solution in a save file, .save.phx. In addition, during the analysis, several temporary scratch files are created. HyperXtrude deletes these temporary files upon successful completion of the run.




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