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License Setup

License Setup

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License Setup

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Before running a job, you must set an environment variable for the HX solver.


On PC: (tested on Windows XP; the procedure may vary slightly on other versions of Windows)

1.From My Computer, open Properties.
2.Choose the Advanced tab.
3.Click Environment Variables.
4.Under System variables, set the following:


Variable value:

Full path to a valid local license file
To a network license server in the form of port@servername (e.g. 6200@licsrver).


On Unix:

You can set the variable on a csh or tcsh using setenv command. You can also add this command to your .tcshrc or .cshrc file in your HOME directory:

setenv ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH <variable value>


On bash or bourne shell, use export:

export ALTAIR_LM_LICENSE_FILE <variable value>

The value of the variable is same as described in the Windows section. In addition, HX solver uses RADFLEX interface.  Hence, it needs the specification of RADFLEX_PATH, which is automatically handled by the HX startup script/bat file. Because of these additional requirements, you should always start HX using the script/bat file (when invoked manually) and never directly using the *.exe file.



Work with your local support engineer to solve license issues.
If you run the solver from the command line, by setting the environment variable (similar to what is shown above) ALM_ERROR_TRACKING to value ON, you can generate valuable output indicating why a license failed.
How many units? HyperXtrude uses 50 HyperWorks Units and it is stacked. However, you can launch an instance of HyperMesh or HyperView on the same display for the same user with only 50 HWU.



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