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Recommended Computer Hardware Specifications

Recommended Computer Hardware Specifications

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Recommended Computer Hardware Specifications

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Low End


High End


Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 bit X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz 2x1024 Cache or Similar Intel

Dual Core Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz

2 Dual Core Intel Xeon or WoodCrest  (These systems have 4 CPUs) – The software in fine tuned to produce better performance on  IBM X3650 or SGIXE systems.


4 GB

8 GB

16 GB (32 Max)

Hard Drive

250 GB (RAID  for better performance)

250 GB (RAID for better performance)

500 GB (RAID for better performance). One can run 4 jobs simultaneously.

Graphics Card

ATI FireGL V5600

ATI FireGL V5200
ATI FireGL V5100
ATI FireGL V5000

Quadro FX 3450

Quadro FX 1700

Quadro FX 1500

Quadro FX 1400

Quadro FX 1300

ATI FireGL V7200
ATI FireGL V7100

Quadro FX 3500

Quadro FX 3400

Quadro FX 3000

ATI FireGL V7600

ATI FireGL V7350
ATI FireGL V7300

Quadro FX 5600

Quadro FX 5500

Quadro FX 4600

Operating System

Windows XP

Linux 64 bit

Linux 64 bit



1. Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit is not formally supported by HyperXtrude, however, the WIN32 version of HyperXtrude solver should run on these platforms.
2. Recommended graphics driver for FireGL video boards are:
Windows XP/2000: 8.44
Windows XP x64: 8.44
Linux (x86): 7.12
Linux (x86_64, AMD64/EM64T): 7.12


3. Recommended driver for Quadro FX video boards:
Windows XP/2000: 162.65
Windows XP x64: 162.65
Linux (IA32): 169.07
Linux (AMD64/EM64T): 169.07
4. Please check with the manufacturer vendor for most recent driver updates.



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