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Feed System Wizard

Feed System Wizard

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Feed System Wizard

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The Feed System Wizard is used to create a feed system. This tool allows you to start from the gate node on the part and generate the entire feed system until the melt entry point in the sprue. In addition, you can build submarine type gates.

The Feed System Wizard can be used to create two types of feed systems:

Standard or structured feed system that has a gate, runner(s) and sprue
Generic or arbitrary feed system that has no fixed structure


When you click on the Feed System Wizard macro, it opens a separate tab showing all the steps in the Feed System Wizard. You must complete each one of these simple steps, one at a time, for the Feed System Wizard to run successfully. No knowledge of HyperMesh is necessary to complete the steps. Information created in this wizard will be retained even when you close and re-open the tab, or when you close HyperMesh and start it again using the same model file.

Depending on the options selected in the "Set Parameters" step, subsequent workflow will change.

hmtoggle_plus1greySet Parameters

The first checkbox in the Feed System Wizard is Set Parameters. You have two options – Structured and Generic.  In the case of structured feed system, the Wizard assumes that you have a system that will have a gate, runners, and a sprue  Some of these may be optional, but there is some order. For example, you can have only one gate, and so on. On the other hand, in the case of generic feed system, you can design one feed line at a time in any way you want it.


In this dialog specify the number of runners to be created in the model. Click OK and select the node on the part that defines the gate end location. If the node selected is not part of an element that is defined as part, then an error message is displayed.


hmtoggle_plus1greyDesign Feed Component

The second checkbox for a generic feed system is Design Feed Component.


This macro can be invoked as many times as needed to create a custom feed system in the model.


hmtoggle_plus1greyDesign Gate

The next checkbox for a structured feed system is Design Gate.


Gate Tilt Angle is the angle from the surface normal. Gate Along is the direction along which the gate should be drawn. Click OK to complete gate creation.


hmtoggle_plus1greyDesign Runner

The next checkbox of the Feed System Wizard is Design Runner.


Runner Along is the direction along which the runner should be drawn. Click OK to complete the runner creation. This dialog will be invoked the number of times equal to number of runners in the model specified in the Set Parameters dialog.


hmtoggle_plus1greyDesign Sprue

The fourth checkbox of the Feed System Wizard is Design Sprue.


Click OK to complete the feed system creation.