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Advanced Options

Advanced Options

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Advanced Options

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Click Advanced for updating advanced options. These settings are valid for remote machines and are optional.






Specify the HM installation location or specify the unix scripts location on remote machine


Specify the HX installation location or specify the unix scripts location on remote machine

License Path

Enter valid remote server license

Library Path

Select Library path

UG Base directory

Specify the UG installation directory location

UG Root directory

Specify the UG installation ugii directory location


Checks whether hxjm scripts folder exist at specified remote location


Copies hxjm unix scripts to remote location


How Do I…

expand-green-10Add a Server
1.Click Configure > Add Server.
2.Choose appropriately all the options which are explained in the previous section.
3.Click Add to save the service into HX Job Manager database.


expand-green-10Set up Passwordless Connection using PuTTY
1.Click Configure > Passwordless Connection to invoke the dialog.




Putty Session Details



Session Name

Select the session name from the drop down. If not include a new session name in the entry.

Host Name

Based on the selected session name, host name gets updated automatically. In case new addition, enter the host name.

User Name

Enter your Unix user name


Enter password


Putty Keys



Load Private Key File

Select the private key file (*.ppk) if already generated.

Generate Public / Private Key Pair

Click on the icon to open PuTTY password creation window

Putty Public Key

Specify the public key or once private key is loaded, public key gets automatically updated.


expand-green-10Create a passwordless connection
1.Select the session name from the drop down. Its lists all the saved sessions.
2.Enter valid host name, user name and password.
3.Click on the icon to open the Putty password creation window.


4.Select which type of key you want to generate, and select the strength of the key. Select SSH-2 RSA key and 1024 as strength of key.
5.Click on Generate to generate the key.
6.In this window when key generation is going on, roll over the cursor in the empty space, so that it generates password with great strength.


Once you have generated the key, select a comment field and a passphrase (you have to leave this field blank).
Now you are ready to save the private key to disk; click Save private key. Save your private key to secured location and close this window.
Go back to the HX Job Manager dialog and load the new private key. It will automatically update the public key.
Click on Passwordless button in the button bar.
Verify the user name and enter the password in the small pop-up window.

You will be notified about the status of the passwordless connection set up.