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HX Job Manager

HX Job Manager

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HX Job Manager

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HX Job Manager (HXJM) is a utility used for generating HX data decks in batch mode and for launching HX and RADIOSS solver on local/remote machines. HX Job Manager can help you to accomplish the following tasks:


1.Run Extrusion Wizard in batch mode to create HX data decks:
a.On the local machine
b.On a remote UNIX/Linux box
2.Launch HX/RADIOSS solver from your desktop:
a.On the local machine
b.On a UNIX/Linux box
3.Use PBS installed on a UNIX machine
4.Obtain the status of the runs and copy the files back from the remote server.

In this release, HXJM uses putty tools and gzip to accomplish remote data transfer. These tool are not distributed with HW 14.0 and have to be downloaded by you. These are freeware and can be readily downloaded from the internet.


hmtoggle_plus1greyInvoke HX Job Manager
1.Click HX Job Manager in the Utility menu of HyperXtrude Metal Extrusion sub-profile.




The HX Job Manager dialog includes five regions:

1.A title bar that gives the name of the application and the current release number.


2.Menu bar with pull down menus for accessing various functions – These functions include importing a new project directory, adding/editing server data, creating passwordless connection, creating prm files and invoking applications.


3.Entry widgets to specify the project selection and machines to be used.


4.Status region to indicate the status/progress.


5.A menu bar at the bottom to specify an action, such as mesh, solve, etc.



hmtoggle_plus1greyMenu Bar and Pull-down Menus

The HX Job Manager contains four pull-down menus along the top of the GUI for accessing various options within the code. The options found under each pull-down menu are described in detail in this section.







New Project

Opens a new project or an old project that is no longer shown in the Recent Projects menu

Recent Project

Loads a recently opened project. When you load the project, HX Job Manager checks the status of directory and indicate it in the status area

Navigate Project

Lists all the existing projects in the working directory and its status. Select and load the project from here.

Create Desktop Shortcut

Creates a shortcut to HXJM and places it on desktop. Without invoking HyperMesh, HXJM can be used by double clicking the desktop icon.


Exits HX Job Manager






Configuration Settings

Select the installation locations of PuTTY, gzip, SSH and RSH protocols.

Add Server

Add a new server to HX Job Manager database

Edit Server

Edit a server that is stored the database

Passwordless Connection

Set up passwordless connection using PuTTY protocol for remote machines





Create prm file

Create parameter (.prm) file. The parameter file is used internally by HXJM to run the Extrusion Wizard in batch mode using parameters specified in parameter file.

Edit prm file

Edit the parameter file. This feature is not enabled in this release.




Select Project Folder

Select the folder in which your project resides. Selected folder should contain following files.

For Meshing:

1)Model file – currently supported formats are
a) HM – HyperMesh file containing solids
b) STEP – CAD file in STEP format
c) PRT – UG NX Part file
2)Parameter file (*.prm) - This is a text file containing parameters to control meshing and the run.

For Solving in HX:

1)GRF file (*.grf) – This file contains the mesh, material, and boundary data.
2)Process parameter file has extension based on the HX sub-profile as below, or it can be TCL (*.tcl) file.
a) HX file(*.hx) – HX user profiles
b) FRG file(*.frg) – HX-Forge
c) RTM file(*.rtm) – HX-RTM

These files will be created in meshing step.

For Solving in OptiStruct:

FEM file (*.fem) – This file contains mesh, material and boundary data


Select a host on which you want to launch HyperMesh


Select a host on which you want to launch HX/RADIOSS solver


Status panel shows the status of project running by the HX Job Manager






Starts the meshing operation. First, make sure that you have selected and configured local/remote machine, which will be used for meshing the model.


Starts the HX/RADIOSS solver. First, make sure that you have selected and configured remote machine, which will be used for solving the model.


Generate the report for the completed run. This operation is supported only for HX Solver.


Start meshing and the HX solver in one click.


Start meshing, HX Solver and generate report in one go.


Get the status of a job running in the remote machine.

Copy Files

Copy result files from the remote machine to the local machine.


Exit the HX Job Manager. This will not stop the jobs launched on the remote machine.