HWC Console

The HWC Console, with the command line, supports auto-completion and interactive help and allows easy modification and re-execution of commands.

The HWC Console can be turned on or off from the View menu. It is docked below the panel area, like the Tcl Console, with the message log on the right side.

Figure 1. HWC Console Interactive Help

Supported commands are logged in the command history and the hw_command.log log file.

Working with the Intellisense (the interactive help) of the HWC Console:
  • Press Tab or Spacebar to display all supported commands.
  • Select entities in the pop-up window using the arrow keys and the left-mouse button.
  • Selected commands/options can be confirmed using the Tab key.
    • Enter executes the command.
    • The interactive selection mode using the select option in commands like show command select can be terminated by pressing the Esc key.

Figure 2.
The HWC Console's context menu contains the following options:
Copies highlighted commands from the history.
Clears the command history.
Log to file
Turns on/off the HWC log.

Figure 3.

See the HyperWorks Record and Playback topic in the HyperWorks Desktop Reference Guide for more information.