Add a Material Library That Already Exists

Adding an existing material library is useful when another user has already created a shared library and you would like to access it. The steps are essentially the same as creating a new library, but instead of selecting an empty folder, you should instead select a folder that already contains a material library.

  1. In the Model Browser, click the Materials View button () on the toolbar.
    All materials in the current model file are displayed.
  2. In an empty area of the browser window, right-click and select Library > Libraries... from the context menu.
    The Libraries Manager dialog opens.

    Figure 1.
  3. Click the plus sign (+).
  4. In the Library type field, select the type of library that matches that the library you want to add.
    Note: If a library will have multiple simultaneous users, a shared library is recommended.
  5. In the Library path field, select the folder in which the material library resides. The library name will automatically display.
  6. Click Add.
    The new library will be added to the list of libraries.
  7. Click on the new library in the library list and then click the Connect button.
    You will be connected to the new material library.