Tools Menu

The following features are available in the Tools menu:
Table 1.
Sets Create, update and review named sets of entities.
Blocks Create and modify a block entity.
Tags Assign names to entities.
Titles Create, edit and move screen titles and entity tags.
Delete Delete data from a model database, preview and delete empty collectors and preview and delete unused property collectors, material collectors, or curves.
Card Editor Select the entities that are viewed in the card image subpanel.
Organize Reorganize your database by copying or moving data (entities) among collectors or includes.
Renumber Renumber entities.
Count Obtain a count of all the entities in your database.
ID-Manager Manage all of the IDs for the entities that you create, and define ID ranges for all of the entities in each Include file in relation to the full model in order to avoid ID duplication.
Model Checker Checks the model for errors and warnings.
Quick Access Quickly find and open the tools, panels and browsers that are available from the menu bar pull-downs or from the Utility Browser.
Matrix Browser Explore HyperMesh and HyperView data entities and export the entities to external files for further analysis.
Orientation Review Display/review and modify frequently used coordinate systems used in CAE analysis.
Transformation Tool Translate, scale, reflect or rotate elements with multiple numbers of copies including properties and loads attached to them.
Part Replacement Replace the elements in an existing component with new elements; typically replacing a similar part remeshed or slightly reshaped.
Position Specify a new position for model entities.
Reflect Reflect portions of a model about a plane, changing the selected portion into a mirror image of itself.
Rotate Rotate entities around an axis in space.
Scale Increase or decrease an entity’s dimensions.
Set Browser Automate the grouping and display of model components through the entity set functionality.
Solver Run an external program from within Engineering Solutions or assign and run a solver on selected analysis decks.
Summary Template Obtain a summary of component element counts or element properties of the current model.
Translate Move entities in a single specified direction.
Component Table Displays components and their associated attributes in an interactive table.
Material Table Review and edit OptiStruct materials.
Property Table Displays properties and their associated attributes in an interactive table.
Load Collector Table Review and edit OptiStruct load collectors.
Loadsteps Browser Create, manage and display loadsteps (sub-cases) and the associated control cards.
Create Cards Shortcut to creating any available entity card within the program. Select the card to create from the list that appears.