Add Methods

Each design point set can have a different set of methods (design point method entity) assigned to it.

You can add methods using the context menu on a design point set. This opens a dialog with a list of all of the registered functions. Methods are registered by category. When you add methods from a list, a new entity design point method is added as a child of the design point set. Certification methods can be one of the following:
Hard-coded method in HyperMesh. Not customizable.
External dynamic library with methods exposed as EXTERN.
Compose mathematical scripting language (*.oml files).
Python functions.
Pure Tcl (procedures). HyperMesh API's are not available.
All design points inside a design point set will be evaluated by all methods added to it. There are a set of pre-defined methods included with the installation located in an .xml file. You can copy this file from the installation in your directory and append your own methods.
Note: At this stage, the HyperMesh model is fully instrumented. Remaining parameters will be runtime settings. The file can be saved as a binary file (*.hm). The binary file contains everything to restore a ready to run database.

The Model Browser only lists design points. Design point sets and design point methods are only visible from the Certification Browser. Design point set deletion from the Certification Browser will result in referenced design points (if design point does not exist in any other design point set) and method deletion. Structural properties will not be affected.