Creating a Custom DataSet

Another use for scripting is when custom data objects are required.

The following workflow would typically be followed:

  1. Create a POSTFEKO session.
  2. Create a math script.
    Note: A math script must not be of specific type, else POSTFEKO attempts to validate the axes to make sure that the expected DataSet structure is returned.
    1. Create a new DataSet.
    2. Add all of the desired Axes and Quantities fields. In this case any quantity can be defined, since POSTFEKO will not attempt to interpret them in any particular way. Axes are still confined to the predefined values, where the arbitrary axis is used for any unspecified axis type.
    3. Perform processing on the results in the scripting environment.
    4. Store the results of the script in a DataSet that is accessible in the POSTFEKO session.
  3. Display and process the results.