Starting Embed in different modes

By adding arguments to the Embed start-up command, you can control such things as how Embed starts up, the diagram opened at start-up, and whether Embed immediately simulates the opened diagram.

You can alternatively start Embed from the command prompt in an MS-DOS window with the same control arguments. Starting Embed from the command line prompt provides these capabilities:

      You can invoke Embed from another application

      You can run Embed in the background

You can also create a batch file that, when executed, controls how Embed starts. 

To customize Embed start-up

1.    Right-click the Embed icon.

2.    Click the Shortcuts tab and enter one or more of the arguments (listed below) in the Target box.

3.    Click OK button, or press ENTER.

To start Embed from the command prompt

1.    Start a DOS shell.

2.    Navigate to the Embed install directory.

3.    Start Embed by entering

<install-directory>vissim32 –argument [diagram-name]


If you enter more than one argument, separate them with spaces. If a diagram name is included in the argument list, it must be specified last. For the list of arguments, see Batch mode execution.