London, UK

Calculate urban propagation in the city of London, UK using the DPM.

Model Type

The geometry is described by urban buildings, see Figure 1. The database was not preprocessed.

Sites and Antennas

There are four transmitter sites with one antenna each. Two transmitters are omnidirectional (isotropic) radiators, while the remaining two transmitters are directional antennas. The antenna patterns used in the scenario are stored in .apb files. The patterns can be visualized with AMan.
Tip: Click Project > Edit Project Parameter and click the Sites tab to view the sites, antenna patterns, and carrier frequencies.

Figure 1. Urban buildings database for London.

Figure 2. Power results for Site-3 Ant-3.


Propagation results show at every location the power received by a hypothetical isotropic antenna from each transmitting antenna. Figure 2 shows power results for Site 3 Antenna 3 at a receiver height of 1.5 m.