Altair® Panopticon


Scatter Plot Settings

These are divided into four tabs:

  • General




Min Radius

The minimum radius in pixels of the scatter point.

Max Radius

The maximum radius in pixels of the scatter point.





How scatter point labels are shown.  Values can be:

  • None

  • Distinguishable

  • All








The shape of the scatter point. This can be:

  • Filled Circle

  • Circle

  • Filled Square

  • Square

  • Use Variable - shapes can be specified for the elements in the visualization through the Shape variable

Show Borders

Determines whether a border is drawn around each scatter point.

Show Best Fit Line

Determines whether a Line of Best Fit is added to the Scatter Plot.

Background Image


Defines that a background image is displayed behind the scatter plot, and allows the image file to be selected.


  • Axes

Refer to Cross Tab Axes or Visualization Axes for more information.


  • Synchronization


  • Filters

Refer to Visualization Static Filter for more information.