Altair® Panopticon


Bar Graph Settings

These are divided into four tabs:

  • General


  1. Setting


    Bar Mode

    Specifies the mode of the bar graph, which can either be Standard, Stacked or Grouped.

    Bar Width Ratio

    Defines the ratio between Bars and the space between the bars.

    Show Borders Around Bars

    Determines whether borders are drawn around bars or stacks within bars.

    Show Labels in Bars

    Determines whether labels are drawn inside the bars or not.

    Adaptive Bar Mode

    Automatically swaps to the Standard mode when displaying the top items within a hierarchy.

    Show Values on Bars

    Determines whether values are displayed on each bar or not.

    Value Margin

    The width of the margin of the Values from the border.


  • Axes

Refer to Visualizations Axes and Cross Tab Axes for more information.


  • Synchronization


  • Filters

Refer to Visualization Static Filter for more information.