List (hwx.inspire.core)

Store a list of values in a single attribute.

For example: integers = List(Int) features = List(Reference(Feature))

Public Methods

castForSet (self, obj, value)
create (self, obj)
disable (self, obj)
enable (self, obj)
getGuiValue (self, obj)
getInCoreValue (self, obj)
getValue (self, obj)
initialize (self, objCls, name)
setInCoreValue (self, obj, value)
setValue (self, obj, value)

Method Details

castForSet(self, obj, value)

Validates and returns the specifies value into a list.

create(self, obj)

Creates the list attribute.

disable(self, obj)

Disables the list attribute.

enable(self, obj)

Enables the list attribute.

getGuiValue(self, obj)

Returns the formatted list of values.

getInCoreValue(self, obj)

Calls the incore get method (defined in C++) of the List attribute.

getValue(self, obj)

Returns the list of value for the specified object.

initialize(self, objCls, name)

Initialize the list attribute.

setInCoreValue(self, obj, value)

Calls the incore set method (defined in C++) for the List attribute.

setValue(self, obj, value)

Sets the list of values for the specified object.