EnumUnion (hwx.inspire.core)

Group of mutually exclusive attributes where only one is active at at time.

The active attribute is controlled by a separate Enum Attribute.

Public Methods

castForSet (self, obj, value)
getActiveAttribute (self, obj)
getDisplayName (self, obj)
getUnits (self, obj)
getValue (self, obj)
initialize (self, objCls, name)
setValue (self, obj, value)
values (self)

Method Details

castForSet(self, obj, value)

Validates and returns the active attribute value before setting.

getActiveAttribute(self, obj)

Returns the active attribute.

getDisplayName(self, obj)

Returns the display name of the active attribute.

getUnits(self, obj)

Returns the units for the active attribute.

getValue(self, obj)

Returns the value of the active attribute.

initialize(self, objCls, name)

Initializes the attribute.

setValue(self, obj, value)

Sets the specified value for the active attribute.


Returns all the values from all the attributes.