Direction (hwx.inspire.core)

Specify a direction relative to another entity.

Directions are get or set in global coordinates.

Directional components are [x,y,z].

Directions are not normalized, this is required to match Inspire behaviour of showing non normalized directions in Property Editor.

Public Methods

castForGet (self, obj, value)
getGuiValue (self, obj, component=None, format=’%g’)
getValue (self, obj)

Method Details

castForGet(self, obj, value)

Returns and validates the specified value.

getGuiValue(self, obj, component=None, format='%g')

Formats the direction value to display it in the Property Editor.

param obj:Object to get direction value from.
type obj:GeneralObject
param component:
 Specifies which component of the direction is needs formatting. Component can be ‘x’, ‘y’ or ‘z’.
type component:str
param format:Any specific format to set for the direction values.
type format:str
returns:Formatted direction value.
getValue(self, obj)

Returns the direction value from the specified object.

param obj:Object for which the direction is required.
type obj:GeneralObject
returns:Direction of the specified object.