Altair Squeak and Rattle Director 2021.1 Release Notes

The Squeak and Rattle Director (SnRD) has been included in HyperWorks since v.2021. Hence the SnRD pre and post-processing modules are available without any separate installation.


The main focus areas for this release are:
  • Easy design iteration comparison with an added overview summary in Risk Assessment.
  • Enhanced Control of Gap and Tolerance data on E-lines.

New Features

Gap Assignment Method
Define which method to use to assign Gap and Tolerance values to E-lines. The assigned gap and tolerance values can be reviewed in E-line Review Table.
Predefined template values are assigned.
From DTS File
Values from the imported DTS file are assigned.
From FE Model
The Gap value is determined based on the distance between two components in the projected direction.

Figure 1.
Risk Assessment Summary
A summary of risk for all E-lines in the model, for all loaded design iterations and load cases, is now provided for easy comparison and report creation.

Figure 2.


Review E-line Table
The Review E-line table has been enhanced and now shows mapped Gap, Tolerance, and Impulse Rate values for each E-line. The Gap and tolerance values are assigned based on the choice of Gap Assignment Method and the Impulse Rate (INV(IR)) is assigned based on the material mapping. Both can be manually entered and edited in the table. This enhancement allows you to control and review the output in the Pre_output.csv file fully before export.

Figure 3.
Realize at Creation of E-lines
In the Create E-line function, you also have the option to realize the E-lines directly. This is very useful for automatic E-line creation and for one at a time creation where you want to review E-line directly.

Figure 4.
Variability Study
A Details tab has been added in the Review of Variation Studies Table which provides you with a good overview of all design variables and allows for editing of variables values.

Figure 5.
Model Import
Import of model, GD&T data, and Material data from Stick&Slip test separately is now straightforward. Enable and select only the files you want to import. As an example, this improvement allows for the import of new and updated GD&T or material data to an already loaded model.

Figure 6.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in a future release as we continuously improve the performance of the software:
SnRD Pre
Long Realization time of E-lines in large models.
SnRD Post
Comparison of Squeak Results from multiple load cases is not supported.
Comparison of multiple load cases from different files with the same load case ID is not supported.

Resolved Issues

  • All Issues reported in the previous versions are fixed in this version (besides the stated known issues).
  • A Stochastics Variability Study now generates a HyperStudy session with a Normal Variance Distribution.