NVH Director 2021.1 Release Notes


  • Metamodel Save and Open options in File drop-down and Files icon
  • Sub profiles for accessing different NVH profiles, such as Full Vehicle NVH and Standard NVH

New Features

CDTire Resizing
The new Resizing feature enables generation of CDTire with modified tire dimensions without the need to change the CDtire parameter file.
Scatter Plot for Engine Mounts DOE
The new scatter plots enable better study and visualization of Engine Mounts DOE study.


Order based subcases for order cut analysis
Enhancement in the order cut analysis utility supporting order based subcases in addition to existing RPM based subcases.
Parameters for ERP in process manager
Enhancement in the process manager to support ERP specific parameters in the parameters section.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue related to visualization of inclined mounts in engine mounts utility
  • Issue related to validation in FRF-to-CDS in case of test universal files with no labels