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Video  Tutorials
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Manage Files and Data
Create, open, import, and save models.
Set up sessions and create report templates.
Solver interfaces supported in HyperWorks.
A solver interface is made up of a template and a FE-input reader.
Create, organize and manage parts and subsystems.
Create and edit 2D parametric sketch geometry.
Create, edit, and cleanup geometry.
Different types of mesh you can create in HyperWorks.
Create and edit 0D/1D entities and edit 2D elements.
Rapidly change the shape of the FE mesh without severely sacrificing the mesh quality.
Create connections between parts of your model.
HyperMesh composites modeling.
Validate the model built before running solver analysis.
Tools used for crash and safety analysis.
Airbag solutions offer airbag folder utilities and exports a resulting airbag in a Radioss deck.
Workflow to support topology optimization model build and setup.
Multi-disciplinary design exploration and optimization tools.
Essential utility tools developed using HyperWorks-Tcl.
Import an aeroelastic finite element model with Nastran Bulk Data format.
Framework to plug certification methods to assess margin of safety from the model and result information.
Streamline the creation of properties and 1D stiffener mesh using the info read from Marine CAD tools.
Create evaluation lines, evaluate them, and optimize the interfaces to eliminate squeak and rattle issues.
A Packaged Solution Offering (PSO) that provides a flexible and customizable platform for building and analyzing geomechanical models.
Panels contains pre-processing and post-processing tools.
Results data can be post-processed using both HyperMesh and HyperView.
HyperGraph is a data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many CAE file formats.
MotionView is a general pre-processor for Multibody Dynamics.
MediaView plays video files, displays static images, tracks objects, and measures distances.
TextView math scripts reference vector data from HyperGraph windows to automate data processing and data summary.
TableView creates an Excel-like spreadsheet in HyperWorks.
Create and export Document and Presentation reports with one click and also define your own report structure.