Seat Deformer (Pre-Simulation)

Export an input deck, for the appropriate solver, in order to simulate the deformation of the seat under the dummy. The simulation result files can be imported to update the initial FE model and remove the intersections and penetrations between the dummy and the seat.

When a dummy is positioned to its H-Point location on a seat, intersections between the dummy and seat foam parts generally occurs.

  1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Pre-Simulation (Seat Deformer).
    Restriction: Only available in the LS-DYNA and Radioss solvers.
    The PreSimulation tool opens.
  2. Define pre-simulation setup settings.
  3. Click Export.

Figure 1. . Shows the initial model with the dummy positioned at its correct H-Point location, and shows intersections with the seat.
The selected dummy components move following the direction that you move them in until no penetrations between the dummy and seat components are detected. The dummy components are rigidified. A contact between the seat and dummy is automatically created with user defined parameters as well as a fix boundary condition on the selected fixed nodes of the seat. Finally, an imposed displacement is applied on the dummy components to bring them back to the initial position.

Figure 2.
The pre-simulation load case is ready and the dedicated input deck is exported to the user specified location, as shown below. When the solver analysis is done, you can import the dedicated solver output file to update the initial model with the deformed geometry and initial stresses of the seat parts.

Figure 3.