Marc Interface

Overview of the Marc interface.

Follow these guidelines when creating a model for use with the HyperMesh Marc interface.
  • HyperMesh treats Marc as a card image code.
  • The Marc interface is based on Marc version 13, 2017 release.
  • The current interface supports linear and nonlinear static analysis.
  • Support of Gasket Material.
  • Import/Export/Creation of Marc2017 files.
  • Contact surface (facemt/face) supported for solid elements.

For 2D models, use the template stress2d.tpl. For 3D models, use the template stress3d.tpl. 2D and 3D models cannot be combined. 2D models should use the xy-plane.

Warnings and error messages are written to a file called marc.msg. Unrecognized cards are written to an *.hmx file. These files are created in the same directory from where HyperMesh is launched.

Any data which is currently not supported in HyperMesh is stored as unsupported data and is added to the model if the model is exported from HyperMesh.

The Marc solver interface supports PATRAN exported in Marc format.